USA: Trump sends a cease and desist declaration to his party over donations – politics

Donald Trump, 74, has asked three major Republican organizations to stop using his name or photo in fundraising.

Omission announcement from the former president!

An adviser to Trump said on Saturday that interview letters were sent to the party’s Republican National Committee and two groups participating in Friday’s congressional elections.

Trump is angry that groups support Republican lawmakers who have voted to impeach him alongside Democrats.

► Background to the cease and desist announcement: According to Politico reports, the Republican National Council sent two emails Friday to potential Republican donors. If they did give the money, their name would be included in Trump’s “thank you card”, as it was said at first. The second email addressed to the president, “top Trump supporters,” stated that the deadline to put your name on the card was only ten hours.

One Trump aide said: “President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and electing America first the Conservatives, but that doesn’t give anyone – friend or foe – permission to use their image without explicit consent.”

Donald Trump remains popular with many Republicans at the grassroots level. When he was still in office, he was already reacting with sensitivity when donations were to be raised in his name. Trump has made money on licensing in the past. His empire (skyscrapers, golf courses, model agency …) also includes a licensing company.

Trump himself is raising money through his Save America organization. This is supposed to support the Republicans chosen in the US congressional elections next year.

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