Tennis star in quarantine hotel: Sports psychologist: A heavy burden on Djokovic in Australia

Stuck in a quarantine hotel in Australia: tennis star Novak Djokovic. Foto: Dave Hunt / AAP / dpa

According to a sports psychologist, the physical and psychological stress of tennis star Novak Djokovic during his time in a quarantine hotel is high. Top athletes need consistent procedures before competitions, said Jens Kleinert, professor of sports and health psychology at the Sports University of Cologne. In an interview with the German news agency.

A sports psychologist said that the physical and psychological stress that tennis star Novak Djokovic underwent during his time in quarantine is high.

Professor of sports and health psychology at the Sports University of Cologne, Jens Kleinert, said in an interview with DPA that top athletes need consistent measures before competitions. Djokovic, 34, has been in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne since Thursday.

The unvaccinated world number one likely wanted to travel to Australia with a controversial medical exemption for the Australian Open. But Australian border guards prevented him from entering. Djokovic sued her. A Melbourne court wants to make a decision on Monday.

However, the pro tennis player couldn’t actually prepare for the tournament in his hotel room, Kleinert said, “of course, he’ll have his options there to stay a bit fit,” the expert believes. “But the bottom line is he can’t go to court, he can’t prepare properly.” The feeding plan can also become an issue in the hotel. The sports psychologist said Djokovic may not get a chance to “bring certain things to you”.

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However, it is assumed that Djokovic will be able to handle the stressful situation due to his “mental strength”: “He may be isolating himself internally or he is already thinking and has a certain understanding of the world around him,” Kleinert said.

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