Teens licking each other in Barnesville, Ohio, demonstrated the homecoming dance as the coronavirus spread further

At any other time, the hilarious photo of teenagers pretending to lick each other’s faces won’t make the national headlines.

But what she posted on Facebook on November 7 – three shimmering girls wearing crowns, smiles and red roses among young boys as they kiss – is a symbol of the catastrophic division among Americans in the midst of a pandemic.

On the same day, 1,007 Americans died from the highly contagious virus sweeping the nation, parents sent their children in skis and sequins to a huge indoor event.

And while fathers who planned for a massive comeback dance dance Rolla, Missouri And the McDonough, Georgia They were criticized on social media and national news sites after their events were reported by The Daily Beast, and these parties were hardly extreme.

In fact, parents across the country were doing the same.

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