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If Taylor Hanson’s children follow in their father / uncles’ footsteps and create a family band, they will officially be more than twice the size of their dad’s band, Hanson. It’s true: Taylor and his wife Natalie Hanson just welcomed baby number seven (!!) and her name is lovely.

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“Meet our baby Maybelline Alma Joy, born December 7, 2020,” Taylor wrote on his Instagram account this week, adding that “Number 7 is a beautiful number.” He definitely is – and what a pretty face to go with! Just look at this cute, on Mom’s IG too.

Now, Maybellene is a variation of the English name Mabel, which means lovable or easy to love – definitely true to this little girl. Alma means “goodness”, “soul”, “soul” and / or “love.” Finally, her second middle name, Joy, is self-explanatory. Yes, this is a lovable, loving, good and happy soul. Talk about the name of the good child.

“The name selection process can be as unique as the name itself,” Natalie previously told People magazine. “Sometimes the perfect name is a long-term love just waiting for the opportunity to revive it, and other times you need to explore and search patiently for the name waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, it’s a quick and unexpected moment of inspiration where you know you’ve found the perfect name.” .

So why did she focus on positivity when it came to naming her latest addition?

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“When choosing names for my children, I tend to be drawn to names that are not expected, but are translatable,” Natalie added. “I love to find gemstones that are still undiscovered enough to make people a little confused when they first hear it, but in time it sounds quite straightforward. I love the name that reflects my taste and my husband’s taste – a little nerd, a little rock and Roll!

Maybellene Alma Joy might really be a bit worthy of her height, but hey, any name ending in Hanson would look like Few Rock ‘n’ Roll Bit. So, mission accomplished.

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