Tampa Bay defense leads the team to victory over Green Bay

So maybe – maybe, maybe, maybe – that’s how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers break into the NFC feud begins.

It might start with some pre-emptive mastery, with the corner blocking the midfielder never throwing interceptions. Or with an almost complete complement of their finally available attacking skill players, their regenerative health strength and proficiency. Or with increased involvement on the part of an arbitrator who does not withdraw for days like Sunday, when he chops defenses and picks up the drop and Capped footballs, Leaving a difference the size of your grunge in the grass.

The Green Bay Packers arrived in the Florida heat as one of the four undefeated teams for the NFL, with an attack gaining yards, scoring points and choking opponents at full speed. They were knocked off the field at Raymond James Stadium upset and upset, unstable by score and margin of defeat, yes, but also by how Tampa Bay fully exploited all of the Packers’ flaws.

The Pirates’ victory doubled 38-10 as a confirmation of their valid off-season acceptance and the commitment they showed to correct it. With the rise of their defense, the front office realized that the path to relevance – and, in fact, berthing the franchise’s first supplement since the 2007 season – necessitated getting the stylistic contrast of current mid-back, James Winston, who had an annoying habit of throwing the ball to the other team.

In the case of crime, with the pirates running nearly the number of yards (158) as Brady passed for (166), they did not make a spin or allow a sack, and diverted all four red zone chances. In defense, they turned two takeaways – including Jamal Dean’s relegation return – to 14 points. As a team, Tampa Bay has not been punished even once. Planned Evolution Brady Former Team – Where Did He Play Again? New Britain? – The revised forecasts.

“We have set a new standard for ourselves,” said coach Bruce Arians.

After a 20-19 Weeks 5 loss to Chicago in which Brady may or may not have forgotten (well, he did) what he was like during late drive, the Pirates regained the balance by stuffing the most widespread NFL attack. The Packers entered (4-1) on Sunday topping the league in points and arenas for each game, and according to the Pro Football Reference, the team was the first team in league history to score 150 points in the first four matches without a bonus. Not deterred by Tampa Bay’s defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, he told his unit for the whole week that they would strangle Aaron Rodgers like he had done no other defense so far.

After assembling the defense after Green Bay’s 10-0 lead, Bowles told his accusations that they respect Rodgers and the Packers too much. “They have to earn our respect,” said Bowles, as told by midfielder Devin White, who led Tampa Bay with ten tackles and a bag. Then Bowles reminded his charges of his predictions and their mission.

In setting Vikings, Lions, Saints and Falcons on fire, Rodgers has yet to face a defense – secondary, in particular – as physically and aggressively as Tampa Bay. Facing the third and 10th places in his 22-yard streak, Rodgers stepped back to pass, and his eyes did not leave Davante Adams along the far sideline, which Dean noticed as well.

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Dean said, “When I saw the formation, and then I saw how it all started to evolve, I like,“ I have to do this play because I know what’s coming. ”And then as soon as I saw him throw it, I was like,“ Yeah, it’s mine. “

she was. Undermining Adams’ road, Dean grabbed the ball and preceded 32 yards for the landing. Three times in the series that followed, Mike Edwards grabbed an oblique pass and ran toward Green Bay 2. In the next shot, Ronald Jones nudged into the finish zone on the first two touchdowns.

The assertive bet. Register Tampa Bay. Packers again. Tampa Bay scored again – fading 12 yards from Brady to Rob Gronkowski, his first touchdown since December 2018 and the 91st time they tied for a post-season score. Across an impressive 12-minute 30-second period of the second quarter, the Pirates held Green Bay without landing first and scored 28 straight points.

“We are always proud of having great stars on the offensive side of the ball,” White said, adding, “We want this team to be a defensive team.”

The moment of surrender came after he sacked Tampa Bay Rodgers four times, after the pressure group and coverages sentenced him to the third-lowest passer-by rating (35.4) and the third-worst completion rate (45.7) in his career, when LaFleur withdrew to him – for his health, perhaps – To support Tim Boyle. Soon after, Brady also left, in place of Blaine Gabart, sacrificing another series of work with players still coming to learn, and to trust, in order to enjoy the victory.

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Background to Brady’s first season in Tampa Bay – messy off-season training camp, amputee training camp, injury management for recipients Chris Goodwin, Mike Evans, Scottie Miller, and OJ Howard – has disrupted the pirate’s continuity; It makes sense that, as Brady continues to adapt to a new attack and a new contact, they will improve over the next few months as any team in the league.

In a product of the NFL’s interference scheduling formula, Brady and Rodgers have faced each other only twice before: in 2014, Green Bay victory, and in 2018, New England won. This weirdness drove Brady and Rodgers into an endless state of parallel play – supremacy at the same time, but apart from the other. By signing with Buccaneers, Brady has created more opportunities for bewildering games against NFC contemporaries such as Drew Brees, who resides in New Orleans Saints in the Tampa Bay division, and Rodgers, who may get a rematch in January.

As tempting as it may be, it’s inaccurate to see the Tampa Bay glamor – plus a potential post-season meeting, if it does – as a match between Brady and the Rodgers. They were facing intriguing defenses to thwart them, not each other. Brady was better this time, so was his team, and if the Pirates have continued to win the first division title since 2007, they might remember Sunday as the day that got them there.

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