Taliban warns neighboring Afghanistan of the American bases

On Wednesday, the Taliban urged Afghanistan’s neighbors not to allow the United States to build bases on its soil, saying its fighters, if necessary, would solve “such a historic mistake.”

Washington began withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, after 20 years of a military agreement with that country, whose security remains precarious.

And the information published by the Afghan media in recent days indicated the interest of the United States in having a base in the region, which would allow it to intervene in Afghanistan in the future, if necessary.

“We urge the neighboring countries not to allow anyone to do this,” the Taliban said in a statement.

And they threatened, “If such a decision is taken, it will be a grave historical mistake … and the Afghan mujahideen will not remain silent in the face of such a provocation.”

The Taliban added, “We have repeatedly said that our lands will not be used against the security of other countries, so we also hope that others will not allow their lands and airspace to be used against us.”

Several of Afghanistan’s neighbors allowed the US Army to use their air bases to operate in Afghanistan in the early 2000s.

On Wednesday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi categorically rejected accusations from various media outlets regarding a new military agreement with Washington before the Senate.

“This information is baseless. Pakistan is under the authority of Imran Khan [el primer ministro]He strongly affirmed that the Americans will never be allowed to have a base in our territory. “

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In February 2020, the United States and the Taliban signed a historic agreement in Qatar providing for the departure of foreign forces from the country. By 9/11, the Americans must have evacuated their remaining 2,500 soldiers.

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