Symmetra Stone’s story was released by Stone Short Story; Skin teased

Symmetra Stone's story was released by Stone Short Story; Skin teased
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard released a new Symmetra skin and short story titled Stone after stone.

The story was written by Kristi Golden, author of over 50 bestselling books and current Blizzard employee, and drawn by Neskin. Satya Vaswani (Simitra) follows as she works on a project with Fishkar.

“From light to being. From curiosity to understanding. From chaos to order. The teleport to STONE BY STONE, a brand new Symmetra story for Kristi Golden,” Blizzard tweeted on the official Overwatch account.

Fans were enthusiastic about more Symmetra lore, but the real excitement came from the sexy skin in the short story.

OverwatchNaeri added more to the hype with a high-resolution image of Symmetra’s new event skin. Expect the look of this event to function like the single-hero events from the past. Players had to win a set number of games in Overwatch to earn skin. They’ve also earned rewards such as player icons related to new skins.

The new Symmetra leather features a gold and black look with striking details and highlights. Fans can’t wait to get their hands on this skin.

The short story The Stone by Stone is now available for reading.

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