Braves signs Drew Smiley, and the SF Giants transform into other free pitchers

When the regular season for 2020 ended, Farhan Zaidi, head of baseball operations at the San Francisco Giants, and director Gabe Capler expressed a desire to re-sign junior shooters Kevin Gossman and Drew Smiley.

The Giants discover a way to bring Gusman back, but they miss the opportunity for a reunion with Smyly. Atlanta Braves announced Monday that they have signed a one-year deal worth $ 11 million.

Smyly’s left index finger injury has been limited to just 26 1/3 of the season, but he didn’t need much time to make an impression on opposing clubs. With a slight increase in his fastball speed and an impressive 14.4 kicks per nine runs, Smyly emerged as a desirable choice for teams seeking assistance in their rotation in this off-season, eventually relegating to Braves FC who had one of the deepest action squads in the league. the National .

After earmarking $ 18.9 million for Gausman with a qualifying bid for the veteran, the Giants must now figure out a way to put together a better tournament that has been a relative weakness this season.

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