Switzerland supports covid-19 certificates amid re-growth

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On Sunday, Swiss voters backed a proposal to introduce a system for COVID-19 certificates that can only be used by Swiss voters. People who have been vaccinated against the virus, recovered from illness, or tested negative, You can attend meetings and public events.

The final results showed that 62 percent of voters measure supportwhich has already been implemented. The referendum provided a rare gauge of public opinion on the issue of government policy to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Vote on the “Covid-19 Law” in the country, which has also given billions of Swiss francs to help workerss The affected companies Because of the epidemic, it happened while Switzerland, Like many European countries, it is facing a sharp rise In cases of coronavirus infection.

Unlike others, the Swiss federal government has not responded by imposing new restrictions. Analysts indicated that he does not want to provoke more opposition to his policies on covid-19 Before facing Sunday’s test at the polls, but if Swiss voters give the green light, the government may step up efforts to combat Covid-19

Health Minister Alain Berset said that with the outcome, the authorities “still have the tools to deal with the crisis, and we can, If necessary, set the tools to events“.

Of the country’s 26 cantons, there are only two – Schwyz and Appenzell Inner Rhodes, both of which are conservative rural areas in eastern Switzerland. They voted against this measure. The turnout on Sunday was 65.7 percent, unusually high for a country that holds referendums several times a year.

“A decision has been made and now we must come together to face this winter in the best possible way,” Berset said. “This is a call to unity, but also to respect the decisions that have been taken,” he added.


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