Switzerland joins Spain and Portugal in one bid as the Bernabéu hosts | Sports

Spain, Portugal and Switzerland will agree jointly and as one bid to organize the 2028 European Handball Championship, with the Santiago Bernabeu as a possible venue for the final, after Switzerland withdrew its project to host the individual competition in both 2026 and 2028.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) confirmed on Wednesday that its Executive Committee had unanimously approved the new joint nomination, which also includes Barcelona’s Palau San Jordi, Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano, and Geneva’s Palexpo as possible scenarios for the latter. Weekend competition.

UEFA stressed that “the three countries – Spain, Portugal and Switzerland – consider it an option to underscore their willingness to make Euro 2028 a landmark event by presenting the famous Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid football club, as much as possible to show the last weekend.” “.

Only the Spain-Portugal-Switzerland project will be present at the final headquarters election on November 20 in Vienna, as the other nomination jointly defended by Denmark, Sweden and Norway has been withdrawn, the Premier League has confirmed.

These three countries, who maintain their project for the men’s 2026 European Championship, have abandoned the organization of the 2026 Women’s European Championship, which was also chosen against Russia, and are now unique candidates to host the women’s event in 2028.

Therefore, on his table the Extraordinary Conference of the EHF on November 20 will have only one nomination for each of the four continental nominations to which he must allocate:

Men’s European Championship 2026 (15 January to 1 February): Denmark – Sweden – Norway.

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2026 Women’s Euros (December 3-20): Russia.

Men’s Euro 2028 (January 13-30): Spain – Portugal – Switzerland.

Women’s Euro 2028 (November 30 to December 17): Norway – Denmark – Sweden.

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