Switzerland is not entitled to champagne

The ATS news agency reported on Saturday that the small Swiss town of Champagne has no right to use the label “Commune of Champagne” for its wine, in agreement with French champagne producers.

After years of struggle to defend the use of his name, the small town in the canton of Vaud and 28 hectares of vineyards, near Lake Neuchâtel (to the west), got from the cantonal state council, on January 13. , Creation of a controlled appellation of origin (DOC) called “the Commune of Champagne”.

To justify its decision, the State Council considered that “there is no risk that the public will believe that white wine, sold in a bottle marked + Commune of Champagne + and + Swiss Wine +, could be a sparkling wine from the region’s Champagne wines. (France)” .

But the powerful Professional Committee for Champagne Wine, which is defending French producers in that region, opposed and lodged an appeal, calling for the abolition of this new category, saying it harms their interests.

In a ruling issued on April 1, published by the local press and the Swiss news agency ATS, the Constitutional Court of the County of Vaud agreed with the French, holding that the creation of the DOC by the local government was contrary to the two. Agreements between Switzerland and the European Union.

The bilateral agreement on agricultural trade grants “exclusive protection to the French name + Champaign +”, highlighting the Constitutional Court in its ruling, which Agence France-Presse was able to consult.

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