Switzerland and Bulgaria shine and join the fight for victory at Eurovision

Donostia Switzerland and Bulgaria met expectations in the festival’s second competition and were planted last night in tomorrow’s Grand Final at Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam after a round less close than last Tuesday and ended without surprises. Bulgarian Victoria fell in love with honoring her sick father with her song Maturity is advancing ageAnd the tears of the Swiss Gijon faded with it all the universe, the contenders for victory, joined by Senheit and Flo Rida of San Marino (adrenaline)Greek Stefania (last dance الرقص) and los islandeses Dadi and Gagnamagnid (10 years) – with their performance recorded where one of their members tested positive – the Serbian cyclone (crazy crazy), Moldova Natalia Gordenko (sugar), Albanian Anxhela Peristeri (Karma), Los Portoges the Black Mamba (love is on my sideThe Finnish Channel for the BlindThe dark side).

Similarly, an excerpt from the performances at the Spanish Rehearsals Blas Canto (I will stay), the top French candidate for the victory of Barbara Braffy (there he is) and the Englishman James Newman (embers), with a ticket to the Grand Final because they are members of your palm. Austrian Vincent Bueno, Estonian Oko Sofist, Czech Benny Kristo, Paul Raval, Georgian Tornik Kipiani, Latvian Samantha Tina and Danis veer og Vlam were disbanded.

Duncan Laurence, winner of the Eurovision Award since 2019 and responsible for bringing the festival to the Netherlands 41 years after the last occasion, has proven positive and will not be able to perform or hand over the crystal microphone in the final.

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