Swiss multinational opens 1,500 job offers in Colombia

file image. People line up to submit job applications while looking for work in Bogotá, Colombia, May 31, 2019. REUTERS / Luisa González

Thanks to the progress of the national vaccination plan, many sectors have begun their economic revitalization and with this expansion, the multinational human resources company Adecco has opened about 1,500 vacancies in 54 cities and municipalities in the country.

And little by little, the resurgence of various industries appeared. The outlook is becoming more encouraging thanks to the growth of job vacancies across the country.” The company stated.

According to multinational companies, these vacancies can be applied by people with different levels of experience, knowledge and skills in 14 available sectors, including manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, financial and insurance activities, information and communications, and administrative and support services activities. .

Only in the state capital there are 723 vacancies, which include positions such as administrative assistant, liquidator, project engineer, consultant, production operator, financial and administrative manager, risk analyst, among others.

So you can apply for available jobs

1. Go to the multinational company’s website

2. Click on the “Candidates” option.

3. There you can set the options that suit you, such as the city of the vacancy

4. You’ll be able to access all available jobs and a description of each one: job, salary, and schedule, among others.

5. After selection, you should send your updated CV to the mail provided by the multinational company

Unemployment in Colombia fell in June: Danish

The National Administrative Statistics Service (Dane) reported that by June 2021, Colombia’s unemployment rate was It amounted to 14.4%, which is a decrease of 5.4 percentage points compared to the same period in 2020When it was 19.8%.

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Similarly, the entity revealed that the unemployment rate in 13 cities and metropolitan areas in Colombia reached 17.1%, which represents a decrease, as the indicator in June 2020 was 24.9%.

“In June, historically, you see lower unemployment rates,” Commented Dane’s director, Juan Daniel Oviedo, who also noted that the recovery of 50% of jobs in the country was stimulated by trade, accommodation, food and transportation.

Oviedo also noted that of the 2.3 million jobs restored during the sixth month of the year, 1.4 million were for men and 900,000 were for women. “For every 3 men who got their jobs back, there were 2 women who did (…) The lack of gender equality in this regard was stronger in the rural areas of the country”Danish manager said.

In total, according to the Danish, the number of employed people during the sixth month of the year reached 20.6 million people, which is equivalent to an increase of 12.4%, compared to the same time period in 2020.

“By geographic area, 13 cities and Metropolitan 1 have contributed 7.6 percentage points (pp) to this national disparity since their number of workers increased from 8.4 million in June 2020 to 9.8 million the following year.”Entity added.

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