Australia, Vaccines and Tennis

Tennis has been one of the sports weighed most heavily by the epidemic. Its status as a global and mobile sport causes many logistical problems. In many cases they were rescued through quarantine or bubbles. The first option was used by the Australian Open. The decision did not completely convince anyone. The players accepted it reluctantly, and the people of the country did not see with good eyes that the tournament would take place if the state of health was not safe. finally, The sporting event was held and there were no major complications.

The headache comes now, because tennis players don’t want the new quarantine to enter the country. From the organization they are studying ways, like a bubble that only allowed players to go from Melbourne and Olympic Park to the hotel. The choice will be quite limited for athletes, but it will be better. While making this plan, a piece of news arrived that could blow everything up.

As reported by Reuters, The Victorian state government (where Melbourne is located) will force all athletes to take COVID leave if they want to compete there. If it were a static law, it would be a problem, because the vaccination rate is among the best in the ATP and WTA circuit not very high. There may be a possibility that the Australian Government will grant some special permission. Movements are to be expected, but the situation is getting more and more complicated for the organizers of the Australian Open (February 8-21).

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