Swedish Prime Minister Says Officials Underestimated the Power of COVID-19 Return | Sweden

Health officials at SwedenThe prime minister, who chose not to respond to the first wave of Covid-19 with a national lockdown, said he miscalculated the strength of the virus re-emergence, as an independent committee criticized the country’s strategy.

I think most people in the profession have never seen such a wave in front of them; Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet on Tuesday about different groups.

Sweden distinguished itself among European countries and other countries in the way it dealt with the epidemic, It does not impose closures like other countries but relies on citizens’ sense of civic duty.

But the country of just over 10 million people has seen 341,029 confirmed infections and 7,667 virus-related deaths, which is a much higher death toll than its neighbors Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Over the summer, Sweden’s left-leaning minority government said a committee would be appointed once the crisis was over but was pressured to act sooner.

In its report, the committee said that the country’s elderly protection strategy has partially failed, and its head stressed that the current and former governments will bear “final responsibility” for the situation.

UNHCR Chair Mats Millen told a news conference that elderly care in Sweden has major structural deficiencies and the country has proven unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the pandemic. The committee also considered that many measures taken in the spring were late and insufficient.

Mellen said that blaming the structural shortcomings of Sweden’s healthcare system could place the blame on many authorities and organizations.

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“But we still want to say that the government rules the country, so the ultimate responsibility rests with the government and previous governments,” Milene said.

The Swedish Statistics Agency said on Monday it recorded a total of 8,088 deaths from all causes in November – the highest overall mortality rate since the first year of the Spanish flu that spread worldwide from 1918 to 1920. And in November 1918, 16,600 people died in Thomas Johansson of Statistics Sweden said that it is a Scandinavian country.

The Leuven government and chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell have defended the country’s controversial coronavirus strategy, even though Sweden has one of the highest Covid-19 per capita death rates in the world.

Authorities advised people to practice social distancing, even though schools, bars and restaurants remained open all the time, and urged people to focus on good hygiene and social distancing to stop the outbreak.

However, authorities, including Tegnell, were criticized – and some apologized – for failing to protect the elderly and nursing home residents.

The commission’s report released on Tuesday said Sweden’s northern European neighbors are paying more attention to caring for elderly citizens during the pandemic.

“In other Nordic countries … elderly care appears to have been more concentrated in the authorities’ early epidemiological measures,” the report said.

In the fall, Sweden has seen a rapid increase in cases of the new Coronavirus That has strained the healthcare system. The infection spread rapidly among medical workers, prompting the government to support further restrictions, including a nationwide ban on selling alcohol after 10 p.m. in bars and restaurants.

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Sweden has also imposed its toughest virus restrictions yet by banning public gatherings of more than eight people.

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