Summertime 2, a trailer for the Netflix series

After the big success of S01, which was released with complete closure (THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES – THE MAP), Netflix is ​​back with the second season of “Summertime,” the TV series based on the novel “Three Meters Above the Sky by Federico Moccia.” Italian for Teens, designed and directed by Lorenzo Sportillo and Francesco Lage, will be available on the platform in June 2021.

“Summer 2”: rumors and cast


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As can be seen from the first distributed clips, the events of “Summer 2It will revolve again around the group of friends formed by Alessandro (Ludovico Tercini(Summer)Coco Rebecca Edugame), Dario)Andrea LatanziSophiaAmanda Campana |) And Edoardo (Giovanni Maine), And what will happen during their weeks off on the Romagna Rivera, between love, friendships and family misunderstanding.

Participation Alicia Ann Edogami (Coco Rebecca’s sister is also in real life), singer-songwriter Tony As the mother of the two girls.

The first season was instantly a hit for the audience due to the freshness of the characters and the carefree atmosphere that the series offered. Not only was the director’s choice, with excellent photography much appreciated, but also an option to introduce the general public to the range of artists who collaborated on the soundtrack. As announced in the trailer just shared, even Season 2 will leave plenty of room for the independent songs of the new Italian singer-songwriter, as well as national classics.

As in Season 1, “Summertime 2” will also have thoughtful matter regarding how to express yourself Generation Z. The importance of never forgetting your origins, and being free to live as you are, without being discouraged by people’s bad judgments.

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Season 1 Summary


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Season 1 is a summer story that can really change your life. Summer and beer are champions. Sweet and introverted, she is the classic girl next door. He, the promise of motorcycles and he’s famous now, is the complete opposite. The two will meet for the first time during a summer vacation in Romania as Summer herself works to support their mother financially and in no time, they will end up in love with each other.

In addition to the story centered around Summer and Ale, their love and lives marked by grand ambitions and a conflicting relationship with their parents, Summertime focuses on the events of the protagonist’s group of friends and the dynamics between them. Sophia, a pedophile, leaves for a carefree, dedicated vacation, and at a certain point in the story, she will meet Dario, a young DJ with whom she will instantly generate a great friendship and complicity relationship.

While awaiting other official clips and declarations of the heroes, Season 2 is expected to be structurally similar to the first, consisting of 8 episodes of approximately 40 minutes each.

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