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By Laura Boni

July 8, 2021

From July 1 I came across Netflix Young members of the royal family, Swedish television series and starring Edvin Riding as a Swedish prince. At the beginning of the first season, the young royal is sent to a private boarding school after a scandal.

It seems that the series is a mixture of Spanish elite, with the dynamics of rich and privileged youth, e the crown, his behind-the-scenes look at European royalty.


Serial plot:

Once at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school, Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) finally has a chance to explore his true nature and find out what kind of life he really desires. Wilhelm begins to dream of a future full of freedom and unconditional love, far from true obligations … But when he unexpectedly becomes the next heir to the throne, he is faced with a profound dilemma of choice: love or duty.


Here is the Young Royals team:

  • Edvin Riding He is Prince Wilhelm, Prince of Sweden
  • Omar Rodberg He’s Simon, an overseas student, and Wilhelm’s secret friend and Sarah’s brother
  • Malte Gardinger He is a father of Årnäs, a cousin of Wilhelm and Eric and a student
  • Frida Argento It’s Sarah, Simone’s student and her sister
  • Nikita Ugla He is happy, student
  • Pernilla August She is Christina, Queen of Sweden, mother of Wilhelm and Eric
  • Natalie Farley It’s Madison, Phyllis’ student and roommate
  • Carmen Gloria Perez It’s Linda, Simon and Sarah’s mother
  • Ivar Forsling He is Crown Prince Eric, brother of Wilhelm
  • Angela Olson She is the manager of Hillerska Anette Lilja
  • Inti Zamora Soprado He is Ayoub, Simon’s friend from Biarstad
  • Berry Gearwise Ho Roche, Simon’s friend from Biarstad
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