Strong demand for cross-assembly in Masterpiece

Now in its eleventh edition, London masterpieceOne of the most anticipated and exclusive art galleries that will mark London’s summer, again this year (June 24-27).
finished with Mayfair Art Weekend (25 – 27 June), the annual event that includes world-famous galleries in the exclusive area of ​​London, just days after the start of london art week (2 – 16 July) which will be held this year in hybrid mode, with exhibitions online and at fair venues and participating auction houses.
The organizers of Masterpiece had initially hoped for opportunities to be able to open the gallery in person at the end of June and see the corridors of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, on the banks of the Thames, packed with visitors.
But at the end of March, prudence prevailed over optimism: the ever-changing impact of the pandemic and uncertainty over international travel restrictions made postponing the actual version until 2022 inevitable. Another month of lifting anti-Covid restrictions decided by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

its shape

The previous edition of the 2020 Masterpiece online program attracted about 100,000 visitors via the platform, while the exhibition in 2019 received about 50,000 visitors. Founded in 2010, the format of this art gallery has remained in the eclectic tradition, which focuses on the concept of “cross-collecting” it has embraced. Philip Hewat JabbourMaster of the masterpiece: that is, the unprecedented briefing of objects of different eras and categories.


Eileen Agar (1899-1991) “Wisdom tooth”. Courtesy of Redfern Gallery.

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Masterpiece has been able to build on the success and experience gained in the past year: “This year we have improved and redesigned the Masterpiece Online platform – he said Economic Art 24 Philip Hewitt Jabbour. “Hosting more than 1,100 artworks from our exhibitors, all reviewed by our audit committees, the platform allowed the visitor to browse and search by exhibitor, by date, country, source, period or subject. To support our exhibitors, we have also organized a series of tours curated for our clients in London and New York to visit our showrooms in person, giving them the opportunity to interact directly with our exhibitors.” The platform allowed gallery owners to share their skills in various sectors of art from antiquity to the present day, also highlighting their work through the viewing rooms.

A large iridescent ammonite from the late Cretaceous, Bearpaw formed, about 75-72 million years ago. Courtesy of David Aaron

127 international merchants participated in this second online edition, each offering up to 9 businesses. Among these are the many Italian galleries including: Alessandra de Castro (Rome) , Robilant + Voena (London, Milan), RobertEbstaAnd the Courtesy Gallery (Milan), Weather in Mucciaccia (London), Jeweler Fabio Salini (Rome), the exhibition specialized in sculpture Dario Mottola (Milan), the exhibition Valerio Turchi Archaeologist (Rome).

Rita Ackerman, «Mama Study 21, 2020». At the generous request of the artist and Hauser & Wirth (Photo: John Etter)

Business in the shop window

Among the works on display, collectors are able to choose between archaeological finds, ancient paintings, furniture, jewelry, design items, and works of modern and contemporary art. To stand out in particular for its rarity: the amazing Gogotte 30 million years ago, a fossil of quartz crystals and calcium carbonate that he proposed the art (£150,000); An iridescent ammonite fossil dating back to the Cretaceous period, approximately 75-72 million years old, available for purchase at 38,000 pounds (David Aaron ); Fragment of a Egyptian basalt healing figurine from the 4th-2nd centuries BC (£70,000), awarded Masterpiece Award 2021; 18th century tortoiseshell watch with gilded bronze stand for sale at £250,000 Carter Marsh & Co. ; Ming era crack porcelain plate, with gold-plated silver brackets from E & H . etiquette (£36,000); The globe on the manuscript may have been made for Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642), which had been proposed for £500,000 by Daniel Crouch ; Capriccio on paper depicting the Pantheon and other ancient Roman ruins that fell on it Jean Francois Thomas de Tomon Give Alessandra de Castro (80 thousand pounds sterling).

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