Fabio Celestini: “Spain has a duty to beat Switzerland”


29/06/2021 –

eThe former Swiss football player, among others, from Getafe and Levante UD, Fabio CelestiniIt passed through microphones Live MARCA Eurocopa With Rafa Sahukilo To analyze the Swiss team for the quarter-final against Spain. current coach Lucerne He wanted to talk about the significant loss of the captain of the Navajos, jaca, and press the Red By coming as a favourite.

Switzerland party: “Croatia did less than Spain. We had more advantages. We missed a penalty and were able to recover. We deserved to win. In the penalty shootout there is no luck, it is something that is also being worked on, and obviously it was necessary to see who wanted to win more. Switzerland .She was a team more than France, and football is rewarded.”

Baja de Shaca: “There is no substitute for him. He is a leader and essential in the game and in the signal. It’s a shame, without his complications. We want the ball, and like Spain, we’re going through hard times without him. With Xhaka gone, we’d lose a lot in that. But hey, you never know.”

Quarter match: “Spain has a duty to beat Switzerland. We have already done our duty. If we beat France, why not Spain? Spain has a lot of pressure. If they lose to us it will be worse than losing to Croatia, for example.”

Precedents: “Switzerland has a good team that has been together for a long time. They know what they have to do. They have to play as a team, there are no stars, so union is the most important thing. You have to think that Switzerland did not miss out on the European Championship or the World Cup for many years even Now. This is a business for many years.”

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