Stocks preferred by the US Infrastructure Plan

Italian stocks e America’s Infrastructure Plan: What stocks can they earn through the green light to invest from 1.2 trillion dollars In 8 years?

On a day that agrees with both parties Biden piano To allocate public funds to roads, water systems, and newly built infrastructure, markets are in turmoil.

After the rapid opening of the Asian stock exchanges, the index European Stoxx for construction sector لقطاع Setting new records.

Which Italian stocks Aiming with the US infrastructure plan?

Italian stocks: from the gains from the US plan

by September White House He wants to give the final green light to a plan to modernize the country: this is Biden’s ambition with his $1.2 trillion package.

The possible implementation of the plan has already begun to stir speculation on global stock exchanges. to Business SquareOn any measures targeting the green light of the US infrastructure project?

Try making an Equita Sim predictions at Milano Finanza. The belief is that a Investments So large that it can also generate profits for Italian companies.

Which? Analysts’ favorites are: Buzzi Unicem, ATIVA in building materials; we build ن, which already boasts 28% revenue from North America; industrial name, active in America with the Construction Equipment Division; Falk, Enel.

cement h prismian They are the potential beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​a large public business reboot scenario for a particular entity, has put it into practice european stoxx . constructionHe reached 603.2 points.

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