This is the announcement that all fans have been waiting for

One of the most awaited TV series of 2021 is without a doubt paper house. Most clients Netflix With great fear awaits the arrival of the fifth season of Spanish television, which has now become a worldwide cult.

Paper House, likely release date on Netflix

In addition to other international film and audiovisual productions as well paper house I suffered Delay The pandemic was dictated by the strict protocols that accompanied pre-production and production.

However, some good news has come for the fans. As attested by some posts on Netflix’s social media pages (both on Facebook and Instagram), paper house finally arrived at end of photography. The set for Season 5 is officially closed and now we’ll just have to wait for post-production to air.

Certainty, in this sense, is not absolute. What is known is that paper house It will be broadcast by the end of the year. To certify this guide one promotional poster From the TV series dated 2021 in the foreground. The poster was published directly by Netflix.

The exact dates, unfortunately, are not yet known. However, several insiders have introduced a period on the calendar for possible publication of new episodes. At present, the most likely hypothesis is that paper house Connect to Netflix in September 2021. As usual, all episodes of Season 5 will be uploaded to the platform.

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