Athletic built-in – seven SCB players ready for action again

The new year brings no luck either for Berners: the bottom of the national league table suffered a heavy 7-1 defeat to Lausanne on Saturday night. Vaudois showed no mercy in the match at home in front of the empty stands and fired again and again. Lucas Frick and Fabian Hildner (both in the third minute) secured a 2-0 lead early. Then Etienne Froidevaux (15), Ronald Kenins (29), Cory Conacher (33/44) and Denis Malgin were allowed to gradually increase. Ted Brethen was concerned about the solace goal from Berne (sixth), but that would not offer any consolation to the Brazilian central bank at the start of the year.

Residents of Bern have no way out of their depths.

Photo: Pascal Muller (Freshfocus)

Leader EVZ quickly recovered from the slide in Davos and clinched their fifth victory in their last six Bale matches. Gregory Hoffmann put a puck ball into the goal in the 16th minute, shortly before the end Sven Lauenberger added 2-0 (59th). The two goals scored Zog at the center of the long term.

Ambry Cheated Freiburg

Ambry pulled off the big surprise against second-placed Freiburg: after the last five defeats in a row, Ticino won 5-0 over French-speaking Switzerland, which had recently won five times in a row. But nothing met on Saturday evening, as Freiburg did not seem to have caught the start of the new year well. He met Dario Rohrbach (18th), Brian Flynn (26th), Johnny Nobuiler (39th), Dominic Zwerger (48th) and finally Cedric Heschler (54th) in the Ambry Liberation.

Davos lost again at home to HC Lugano. As on last Sunday, the recently strengthened Graub√ľnden team had to admit defeat to their Ticino teammates. Instead of 0: 3 this time it was 1: 3, Magnus Nygren scored the honor’s goal HCD in the 13th minute. For Luganese, Alessio Bertagia (fifth), Dario Borgler (26) and Luca Fazini (35) entered the scorers’ list for the away win. In the table, Lugano outperformed Davos again (30:28 points), despite four fewer matches.

Davos once again found no antidote against Ticino.

Davos once again found no antidote against Ticino.

Photo: Claudio Thoma (Freshfocus)

Geneva-Servette did a short job in the midfield duel against the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: in the end, it was the clear referee of Lake Lyman’s guests 6-0. Eric Veer took the lead after just six minutes, and Marco Miranda (27), Marco Maurer (32), Henrik Tomerence (32) and Noah Rudd (40) closed the difference by scoring third. (wide)

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