Steinens fools uses virtual space – stones

The Carnival is taking place in Steinen on Facebook this year, and the carnival association “Maiechfer flieg” agreed. There is interesting default information about fractions and backgrounds.

Carnival is taking place in Steinen on Facebook this year, with a heavy heart and fools agreed to a conclusion at home. The best way to keep the distance is online, and the carnival community Maiechfer flieg doesn’t even want to test whether the group masks will meet the latest requirements.

Can you ban the carnival on the virtual space? With a sad heart, Steinens Fasnachtsgesellschaft decides to do so. Frogs, pug noses, and witches also have to make concessions. Steinmeier fools know what’s at stake. That is why they made the latter their motto. “Coronarre – Au me make smears” is the slogan on the carnival board this year, and of course it is also available this year, even if no movement is supported. This year’s board is a slightly different solidarity contribution, because the 2021 campaign is still running. Planning, rescheduling, and finding a replacement – Carnival fans have been and are busy.

Bring the carnival home

“We want to bring people home with the Carnival,” says Kai Bornschein of Hllsteiner Frschen. This is a contradiction in and of itself, but the carnival with AHA rules is more contradictory and brings rituals into consciousness.

The goofs had started with the opening video for the carnival on January 6th. Old silent films were an inspiration when Felix Krupp, disguised as Teal, went to the three co-partners and gave them a feather duster as a relay stage to get rid of dust. The video has already received more than 2,000 clicks, not just from people who have severely missed Carnival this year.

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S’isch Fasnacht in town! Since Saturday, photos of Jochen Scherzinger can be seen in LaRach. There is also some information about group photos, avatars, and music.

Now all Hs are suitable for carnival and we can start. Just where? Steinemer “Coronarre” stays at the home office and decided to continue posting interesting information about Carnival on the Internet. Why is Fasnacht celebrated? What are the pillars of the great days on the site? This year, carnival fans have time to get to the bottom of these things.

The Carnival newspaper is also served offline

Kai Bornscheid explains this completely different campaign: “Everyone talks about ballermannisation in the carnival, which we want to face and show breaks. The carnival is the norm and as such is part of culture and entertainment.” Culture and leisure are going through tough times these days so you have to find alternatives.

There’s also Newspaper Carnival again this year, and it will be delivered thereafter with necessary rules starting February 6. “If you don’t want any connection, you can put the money in front of the door,” says Kai Bornchen.

Where is what?

You can order the badge or Narrenzeitung at [email protected] or by phone at 01728047852, 07627-8736; Paintings and newspapers are also available from Hieber, Patchwork, Deutsche Post, and Bckerei Seeger. Mikado also has newspapers. The opening video of the carnival and more information on the Steinmeier Carnival

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