Munich: A DIY shop customer discovers a secret room

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From: Armin T Linder

A customer in a hardware store discovered a secret room and posted a photo of it on the Jodel app – the photo may have been taken in Munich.

Munich – A mysterious picture is circulating in the yodel app, which is not only popular with students. The user writes “a secret hiding place in the hardware store”. According to the website, it was registered in Munich. However, as the use of the app is anonymous, this has not been confirmed; It can be easily found on the Internet. The post is also silent about additional details – such as the hardware store.

Munich: App Jodel’s DIY shop photo puzzling

Be this way: A picture is always good for a chuckle. And there is a lot to discover: a small niche that opens between two shelves with screws. which usually appears to be secured with a padlock. But he said the customer was able to peek for a moment. He was so perplexed that he took out the camera.

There is a lot to discover in the mysterious picture. © Yodel

Munich: There is a lot to discover in the hardware store photo

The room may function as a storage room. Various chests can be seen with useful tools. And another thing that catches the eye: two bottles of drinks! Is there maybe even a refrigerator? Do employees store leftovers from a former small company party here? The picture poses more puzzles than it solves – and leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination.

Commentators have brought up some of this as well. One says, “This is where the employees hide”—perhaps referring to the old (and unfair) cliché that a service person can rarely be found at a hardware store. Another writes: “I was going to sort nails all day.” The yodel ad got more than 300 votes in its first four days. Will it still be scanned? On the other hand, Hornbach’s client discovery was easier to see – and celebrated. (flexible)

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