Stefan Lukell and Janick Papp contrast with Erwin Rodel in the new hospital building in Muchenbach

News from 06/02/2021

Stefan Leukel and Janick Pape (CDU) have a clear commitment to the location of the planned hospital in Müschenbach. The new hospital can only be successful from a medical and personal point of view only through comprehensive care with all specialist specialties in one home.

Stefan Leukel, Birgitta Käckermann and Janick Pape in front of the new planned hospital building in Müschenbach. Photo: Private

Motionbach. It is clear that Stefan Lukell and Janick Pap (CDU) are committed to building the new hospital in Möschenbach. After attempts to focus on homes in Altenkirchen and Häschenberg have failed, the solution reached after a long and contentious opinion formation process with Muchenbach must proceed. For a comprehensive and good basic supply from Weyerbusch via Altenkirchen and Hachenburg to Rennerod, this site is also rated well suited for appropriate expert reports.

Westerwaldkreis, the Hachenburg community and the Müschenbach community discussed and resolved the issues in a fair partnership with the DRK. Even the land issue, which was considered very difficult, was ended well with the active support of the local mayor, Birgitta Käckermann and the local council, explained Stefan Lukkil and Janick Pappe on a field visit in Muchenbach that had been planned for a long time.

Lukil and Babi continues: “Local and future health care is especially important in rural areas. That is why we are clearly in favor of building the new hospital in Möchsenbach! With the new hospital building on the site of Müschenbach, basic, future-protective medical care is being implemented for the entire district, the northern Westerwald district and parts of the Altenkirchen district.

A new hospital can only be successful from a medical point of view as well as from a staff point of view only through comprehensive care with all specialist specialties in one home. With the successful acquisition of land by the DRK carrier, a major landmark for the new building in Müschenbach has already been reached. Unnecessary discussions about the site are not helpful here. An important topic such as health care for rural citizens must not become a plaything in politics.

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The renewed debate was started by Erwin Rüddel. He fears that the 100 million-bed project with 262 beds will not only endanger itself in the medium term, but also endanger other clinics in the region due to the dual structures. Instead, the union politician urgently advises finding friendly projects and future solutions with other hospital operators in the area or focusing on revamping the sites in Altenkirchen and Hachenburg. “I am delighted to support the owner of the hospital here,” Irwin Rudel affirmed in a press release.

With a building in Müschenbach, Stefan Leukel also sees advantages for a local general practitioner and specialist care. A good addition between inpatient and outpatient care is beneficial for both citizens, doctors and nurses.

In addition, according to Leukel and Pape, the state is called upon to develop a comprehensive concept so that existing facilities remain available for future healthcare in Westerwaldkreis and adjacent areas in Altenkirchen and Neuwied in the coming years. Instead of competition and competition, cooperation and communication are required here. • Residents of the area want local and safe healthcare. To this end, each member of the ministry, through various local bodies and authorities, must make a contribution.

Permanent networking of local actors in the political arena at the working level, from the ranks of the medical profession and the healthcare system, proposed by the CDU District Council, can provide a good basis for this. It is important here to engage in a permanent dialogue between district administrations and the community, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV), the district medical professionals and local hospitals. Measures to ensure medical care can then be discussed across the region, developing an approach to solutions and the synergies impacts used at the municipal level. It would also be desirable for neighboring medical schools, such as Siegen University, to be attracted to participate in such a network. Supervision of this network work must be initiated and undertaken by the department. (Evening / red)

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