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App stores usually have countless tools that can help us with various additional functions. However, many disguise their true intentions as “harmless applications”.

in investigation by New York times (New York Times), I found a spyware application “Records every keystroke of the user”, which would give the possibility to steal private data.

The app they found was flash keyloggerThis tool was offered to be able to monitor the online activities of family members Record what they write.

As shown, when installing from the official Google Store, the app icon changes to an icon “camouflage”With the rest, be it calculator or calendar.

The New York Times reports that the app has documented everything written word, including Web searchesAnd text messages And Email messages I sent.

This application, like many others, is called “Stalkerware” It is largely found in Google Store, although it is also present to a lesser extent in Apple App Store.

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According to a study conducted by the security company Norton Live LookFrom September 2020 to May this year, a 63% increase in infected devices was found.

In this study, they indicated that applications were more focused on obtaining data about The user’s location, calls and social networks.

Expert recommendations always try to avoid using these apps, and read a lot about them well. It is important to be able to identify an app that you did not recognize after installing it. On the other hand, they also added that you should be careful with parental control apps because it is better to avoid these problematic apps.

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WhatsApp “mod” whose victims subscribe to paid services

a “modern” sly from The WhatsApp It was spreading a Trojan horse among users who were least satisfied with the messaging service, which they could intercept text messages the performance Subscriptions to paid services without the knowledge of the victim.

Malicious version of the popular “mod” (unofficial modification of the application) FMWhatsapp contained Triada Mobile Trojan, which downloads other Trojans and can launch advertisements, issue subscriptions and intercept a user’s SMS messages, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said in a statement.

The company recommends downloading the messaging app from a file Official App Store, even if it has fewer functions, to avoid installing additional “software” on smartphones may cause harm.

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