Stalker 2 shows new shots, shows Unreal Engine 4 power

Stalker is one of the legendary games that managed to present a terrifying horror atmosphere with the terrible gameplay and setting of Chernobyl place. More than 10 years have passed, GSC Game World as the developer has now announced the fourth series of the Stalker franchise that was first released in 2007, followed by Stalker: Clear Sky one year later and Stalker: Call of Priphyat in 2009. Now, They are ready to go launch his latest game with the show Stalker 2.

Like what was just shared, the developer took out New teaser for Stalker 2. With this teaser, GSC Game World is trying to show the results of the game engine used in the game. Unreal Engine 4 is the Stalker 2 game engine that makes the game look very beautiful and attractive at the same time. Even the developer described this game as a game Fast pace With experience open world that Smooth.

Additionally, Stalker 2 will also offer a variety of interesting features and a story that changes based on the player’s choices. Later on, this can have little or no effect on the story in the future. As for the setup itself, the Stalker 2 is still located in Chernobyl.

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