Spain scores Switzerland with 14 to confirm its full victories

Six of six. The goal has been achieved. Spain, Already ranked for Euro 2020, put the final touch to a distinguished stage in which she scored full victories with their landslide victory on Monday. Swiss By 0-14.

Spain was not surprising. As expected, he again introduced the Swiss team that counts the matches in this qualifying phase Defeats And sign up for a list of choices with Full of victories, Along with Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kazakhstan.

He besieged the Spanish national team and established the gap between the two teams on the basis of discipline, blatant tactics and goals, Many goals. The scenario was very similar to last Saturday. The national team jumped onto the track with force, printed a very high tempo, dominated the ball and created a high pressure streak that choked their opponent.

Just one minute And 16 seconds it took Milado to break Switzerland’s fragile defense. Like last week, which was in Bugalance Open the ban Home brand: bike and modified shooting stick.

rotation Faith Vidal They caused deep fissures in the Swiss defense. The Swiss, completely lost in the field, could only save the water in front of him Spanish torrent logWho ended the first half with seven goals.

Raul Campos made it 2-0 and led by Fernando, Solano, Chino, Adri and Alberto Garcia who scored a goal. Lots of beautiful invoice In his debut as a top scorer in the national team.

With the date of the verdict approaching in the absence of the second half, the Spaniards did not have mercy, and they continued to press and the goals of Raul Campos, Milado, Adri, Reinert (PBUH), Pepe, Raul Gomez and Solano took the final result. Up to 0-14.

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Spain closes this road to the 2022 European Championship with the biggest victory in the Vidal era –A third of its history– And full confidence to face the next challenge, to get the third star in the World Cup in Lithuania, which will start next September.

– data sheet:

14- Spain: Chemi, Sergio González, Mellado, Raúl Campos, Ortiz – five start -; Fernando, Adri, Chino, Eric Perez, Alberto Garcia, Raul Gomez, Solano, Pepe and Carlos Barron (note).

0 – Switzerland: Charrier, Silveiro, Barrier, Buckson Uebelhart – Five Stars-; Rennert, Mol, de Freitas, Moreira, Spiegel, Marquianakis, Juicy, Florin and Arana (BS).

Objectives: 1-0, M. 2: Chipped. 2-0, M. 3: Raul Campos. 3-0, M. 9: Fernando. 4-0, M. 15: Solano. 5-0, M. 15: Chinese. 6-0, M. 18: I know. 7-0, M. 20: Alberto Garcia. 8-0, M. 23: Raul Campos 9-0, 25 meters: buckle. 10-0, min. 27: I know. 11-0, min. 33: Reinert (p.) 12-0, minimum 34: drink. 13-0, min. 36: Raul Gomez. 14-0, minute 37 Solano.

References: Vladimir Kadikov (Russia) and Irina Velikanova (Russia).

Accidents: The match corresponding to the sixth day of the Euro 2022 Group Six qualifiers was held at the Ciudad del Football stand in Las Rozas, Madrid.

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