space ?? Light ?? Time: Inge Dick and Sosa Templin

June 27 – December 5, 2021 | Concrete Art Museum Ingolstadt
Entry date: 06/28/2021

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With two solo exhibitions by Inge Dick and Susa Templin, the photography will move to the Museum of Concrete Art in Ingolstadt (MKK) on June 27, 2021. Two women, two generations, two jobs: both do not consider themselves photographers, but only use the medium. Each floor independently occupies one floor of the MKK and negotiates the relationship between space, light and time in its own way.

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of artist Inge Dick, the museum, in association with the Foundation for Concrete Arts and Design, is presenting the latest continuation of their project “Jahreslicht Weiss”. It impressively documents the theme of Austrian creative life: the inexhaustible diversity of colors of daylight. Artist Souza Templin sees herself between painting and sculpture, her medium being analog photography. She developed for her gallery completely new installations of collages, which she expressly adapted to the second floor of the gallery building on Tränktorstrasse.

Both artists have a special approach to photography and represent a reflexive approach to it: photography becomes a medium as well as content, emphasizing its own laws and conditions of existence. The central question about the role of light, time, and place arising in the image-based works of Inge Dick and Susa Templin may be a similar question. The technical answers they find for themselves lead to surprisingly different results. Until July 20, two intellectual worlds of artists of different generations will meet on the ground floor as an artistic dialogue.

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space ?? Light ?? Time: Angie Dick

What color is the light? Inge Dick documents with scientific accuracy the endless range of colors that can be seen through the camera’s optical lens. Using experimental and capillary imaging as well as extensive film materials, she traces the multifaceted nature of light, which is often hidden from the eye. The movie series has four parts. Jahrlicht Weiss?? 2012-2015 is the main business of her work. In which changes in light and color of the different seasons become apparent, and great differences in intensity of light and color, all colors except white.

For years now, a large number of individual works have emerged from the digital film medium: Ingie Dick combines cinematic stills into a photographic plate. In the Ingolstadt Gallery, large-scale, light-colored striped images of two to three days in spring, summer, autumn and winter can be seen alongside individual light sequences. For the first time, the artist selects individual shades from a variety of colors for each season and presents them in the form of large monochrome squares. The entire first floor is filled with the spectacle of the colors of the four seasons.
Dr. The exhibition curated by Gerda Riedler will be on display at the LENTOS Museum of Art in Linz and at the Conceptual Art Foundation in Soest.

space ?? Light ?? Time: Sousa Templin

Souza Templin brings her idea of ​​photography to the room?? In the literal and double sense: the artist installs “spatial abstraction”. ?? Spaces of space images?? It reacts to light and time conditions in the museum. It’s building a labyrinth on the second floor. An intricate structure of steel beams extends across the very narrow but extremely long room. It has plexiglass panels through which superimposed images of architectural details can be seen. Visitors move around, standing in front of, next to and behind the pictures, becoming part of the decorations for others in the room themselves. At the same time, concrete stairs, handrails, house walls and much more are stripped away, becoming “spatial abstractions”. in these spatially tangible image overlays.

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Exhibition accompanying materials
The comprehensive catalog of Engy Dick. times of light It was published by Hirmer Verlag, as a result of a collaboration between the Foundation for Concrete Art and Design with the LENTOS Museum of Art in Linz, the Foundation for Conceptual Art in Soest and the Museum of Concrete Art. ISBN: 978-3-7774-3763-7

Shortly after the opening, the “Susa Templin” catalog will be published. Light, place and time To display Susa Templin’s work in MKK and various collections of works and exhibition projects by the artist from recent years. ISBN: 978-3-86442-349-9

Concrete Art Museum
Tranktorstrasse 6 ?? 8
85049 Ingolstadt


Souza Templin:

– Art of Berlin 2017

Balmoral Blend – Arp Museum, Remagen

Deutsche Bank Group 2020

– DZ Bank Frankfurt . Group

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