So viele Punkte brings Touchdown, Field Goal, Extrapunkt, Safety and Two-Point-Conversion

There are a number of ways to score points in American football. In this article we give you an overview of how the NFL points system works.

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American football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and is of great importance in the United States, the home of football. Last but not least, the most important annual event of the NFL season, the Super Bowl, is the biggest sporting event in the world. However, it is not always easy to understand the rules for beginners.

In this article we explain the NFL points system.

NFL, counting method: touchdown, field goal, extra point, safety, two-point conversion brings you these many points

The basic rules of American football are very simple. As in many other sports, the team with the most points at the end wins the game. Points can be scored in several ways in football:

  • drop: The team can score as many points as possible in driving with Tochdown. Relegation is worth six points in the NFL. The relegation team scores by catching a pass in the end zone, or carrying the ball to the end zone. In command, both attack and defense can equalize – eg after an interception or confusion. After scoring a tie, the team has two options to add more points to the scoreboard:
  • Extrapunct: The additional point, or in English the point after Tochdown (PAT)And The team is allowed to score another point after landing. Similar to a field goal, the player taking the kick must shoot the ball from the 15-yard line between the goal posts.
  • Two conversion points: With a two-point conversion, the team tries to reach the end zone again after relegation. As the name implies, the team receives two additional points for a successful two-point conversion. The ball is placed on the opposite 2-yard line before it is executed and must be moved to the end zone by a pass or run, similar to a touch.
  • field goal: The offense’s field goal allows him to score three points on the playing field while driving. In the event of a field goal attempt, the shooter must shoot the ball between the two goalposts, similar to an extra point. The attempt must be made from the arena line where the ball is in the current game position. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the opposing offense takes possession of the ball at the appropriate point. However, if the ball is blocked during the kick, the defense can catch the ball and move it to the end zone to touch.

  • safety: Safety is the rarest way to score points in American football. The team that achieves the safety gets two points. In case of safety, the offense is stopped by the opponent’s defense in his own end zone. In addition, the right to attack changes after the safety and the team that was able to achieve the safety receives the ball in addition to the two points.

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NFL: Super Bowl winners in the last few years

Energy winner loser
LV Taba Bay Pirates Kansas City Chiefs
life Kansas City Chiefs SF 49ers
LIII New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams
LII Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots
In the New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons
the Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers
XLIX New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks
forty-eight Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos
forty-seven Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers
forty-six New York Giants New England Patriots

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