New trailers for The Orbital Children and Tiger & Bunny 2

Netflix Between yesterday and today, I released some new trailers for two new anime that will enrich the platform’s catalog next year: Tropical children And the second season of tiger and rabbit.

tropical children, titled Boys and girls outside the planet OriginallyAnd It is the new anime directed by Mitsuo iso (this file), in addition to the new trailer, the new image of the project was also revealed. The video reveals that Natsume FujiwaraAnd Azumi WakiAnd Kencho OnoAnd Chinatsu AkasakiAnd Yumiko Kobayashi e Maria while characterize it Toya sagamiAnd Konoha be a NanaseAnd Taiyō TsukubaAnd Mina MissasAnd Hiroshi Tanegashima e in houston.

The story takes place in the year 2045, in an age when artificial intelligence has advanced to the point that it also allows space travel. Children born on the moon and children hostile to Earth meet at the Japanese space station called “Anshin”, and the seventh poem will decide their future.

Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven) takes care of character designs. vtuber . file Harusaharuhi Performs and song anime titled “OranaThe anime will be shown on the platform as a six-episode miniseries on January 28, while in Japan it will also be shown in theaters in two parts.

The new trailer for the second season of tiger and rabbit Reveals that the first 13 episodes of the season will debut on the platformApril 8. On the same day in Japan TV broadcasting will begin.

The story of the season will be set after the events of Tiger & Bunny The Movie – The Rising – unheard of in Italy. On Netflix there is the first season of the anime with Italian dubbing.

Atsuko Kassi He directs the anime in the studio Bandai Namco Pictures. Masafumi Nishida e Masakazu Katsura They take care of the scenario and character design. Hiroaki HirataAnd Masakazu MoritaAnd Minako KotobukiAnd Titan KusunokiAnd Maria EsAnd Kenjiro TsudaAnd Go Inoue e Nobuhiko Okamoto They will resume their own roles Kotetsu T. Kaburagi / Wild TigerAnd Barnaby Brooks Jr.And Karina Lyle / Blue RoseAnd Antonio Lopez/Rock BessonAnd Bao Lin Huang / Dragon KidAnd Nathan Seymour / Fire EmblemAnd Keith Goodman/Sky High e Ivan Karelin / Origami Hurricane. the Unison Square Garden opening performanceKaleido proud feast“.


What do you think of these new trailers? Will you see these two souls? Write it to us in the comments!

source: Anime News Network.

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