IPhone 15 Periscope Camera Tool

iPhone 15 could be the first smart phone From Apple that will integrate a periscope camera, that is, with a lens that extends like a kind of telescope. An endoscope lens may be useful in some ways. These targets have already appeared on some Android smartphones.

Next year, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 and possibly launch the iPhone in 2023. Details about the iPhone 14 are not 100% certain, but according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, details about the iPhone 15 are emerging.

According to the analyst, it is possible that the iPhone 15 will incorporate a foldable camera lens design which is also called a periscope camera. Conventional cameras rely on light that is transmitted to the sensor.

The periscope lens still relies on light, but instead of the light going directly to the sensor, it first passes through a prism. The main reason smartphones use such modern lenses is that smartphones are extremely thin.

In the case of a dedicated room where the targets and the object are very large, the periscope system is not necessary to direct the light through a prism, this is because there is enough space.

But since smartphones are thin, this goal may be necessary. This will also increase the ability of optical zoom, as opposed to digital zoom which basically means cropping.

The zoom capability of Apple smartphones at the moment is unenviable, so the periscope camera may come in handy in this regard.

In any case, we are still two years away from the launch of the iPhone 15 smartphone, so this information about the Periscope camera cannot be confirmed too soon. Treat this information with a dose of caution for now.

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