So, Netflix wants to award one last Academy Award to Sophia Loren

Netflix is ​​all about Sophia Lauren. After receiving “no” from Anica, who chose Gianfranco Rosi’s Notturno as the shortlisted movie to reach the top five foreign films at the Oscars 2021, the on-demand content platform continues to show Moral pressure, Push hard Lead actress in the movie “Life in front of herself” To the next most important awards, the SAG Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, aiming to reach the nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars 2021, which will be announced in mid-March. A new feature revolving around the actress, an original documentary that has yet to be released to be released on Netflix on January 15th, “What Will Sophia Loren Do?” , In addition to all the films already available in America that made it to the box office, adding to her aura: “Bread, love and …”, “sign of Venus” e “La Seuciara.” Netflix wants her name out of these five to try, who knows, to give her the hottest figurine. In a year marked by the epidemic, American cinema does not want to miss the opportunity to re-launch a name that represents the essence of cinema, transcending ages and languages.

Words of Sophia Loren

There is a beautiful interview with Sophia Loren from variety Posted on January 11, which evaluates this possibility. But Sophia Loren doesn’t think about the Oscars, but she makes no secret that she feels privileged because she can still make great movies at the age of 86:

Honestly, I can hardly believe I am 86 years old. I don’t feel that old because I still love what I do. Passion keeps you young, and you always wake up every morning with a new plan in mind, a new story in mind, and a new character to play with. I have a lot of zest for life, and that keeps me going. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Only when the past becomes more exciting than the future does it only then begin to age.

When will the 2021 Oscar nominations be announced?

The 2021 Oscar nominations will only be announced on March 15, 2021, due to the postponement of the Academy Awards ceremony to be held on April 25, 2021. So Sophia Loren could become the oldest actress in cinema history to receive a nomination for Best Actress. . Double record, considering that she would be the first actress to receive a nomination with a film directed by her son. Netflix hopes this and all Italian viewers too.

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