The great manga that inspired Netflix

“Ichi-go, Ichi-e” is a very famous Japanese proverb that we can translate as:moment to meetA bit like ‘carpe diem,’ this saying includes in a few words the great teachings of knowing how to seize moments, to appreciate every opportunity someone gives us, because that moment is an unrepeatable moment in time, and therefore unique, special.

midnight pub It’s more than just a manga taken from her Fortunata serie Netflix, intitolata Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. It is a poem imbued with this proverb. It is a series of intertwined stories with the character of its protagonists, From the stories among other stories, in the densely populated nightlife ShinjukuWhere strippers, women and men with broken hearts, and criminals, old and young, meet in a modest bar. And in the end, in front of those dishes, they also find a little of themselves.

The taste of simplicity and pork soup

Although the Netflix series is an accurate and honest transfer, the manga Yarrow AbePosted in Italy by Bao Publishing Within its value series dedicated to Japanese manga, Aiken offers that original “simple” and intimate atmosphere that only handcrafted drawing can provide. Its original version Great success in Japan, with more than twenty volumes, while the publication in Italy reached the moment of a 8 volumes (Bao collects two original volumes simultaneously).

Going out in our country has one every six months, with the first sixteenth color, in full respect for the design that Mangaka wanted to bestow on his work. However, it must be said: If you’re a fan of highly detailed and graphic-enhanced manga, Abe’s style might make you turn your nose up. You will probably find his traits even “modest”, especially when compared to the attention to detail that, on the contrary, you might have appreciated in the Netflix series.

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But don’t be fooled: Abby’s Authenticity, He conquered her not at a young age But after a career he spent anyway in the advertising world, he made it Dialogues and plotIt flows into art and not the other way around. In short, dad.draw how to eat“: in a calculated, understandable, convenient and tasteful way.

And the plot of The Midnight Tavern is quiet and immaculate: we are in a small area in Tokyo, where the owner of a small house izakaya, the typical Japanese place where you sit in front of the table to eat and drink, Exclusively open from midnight to 7 am. The name of the restaurateur is unknown, he is generally known as “Maestro” and usually offers his customers a limited menu: pork soup, beer, sake, and shōcho (Japanese distillates). But most of the time it makes a few exceptions and actually setup whatever it’s asked of, as long as you have the right components.

“Ask as little as you want”

Here is the gist of the manga: Through Journey to Japanese foodIn Tonkatsu, in candy, in red sausage and something not better defined as “napolitan,” we’ll know a different story each time, thanks to the different characters that will be sitting in the Maestro bar.

The owner of the restaurant welcomes anyone, without judging too much on the profession or social class of his client and not only offers a meal as close as possible to the tastes (and personality) of his interlocutor, he gives advice, Hospitality, in short, a haven for all the different patrons who drive Tokyo nights. Episodes are short, practically self-contained, and dinners often don’t accompany a happy ending. Abby’s main distinguishing feature is his feature Simplicity in the narration of the human soul: prostitutes, ultimate love, others thriving within the club, regret, addiction, sadness and rustling, true reflections of human beings, presented without filters, without pretensions, in the hope of not finding a solution, but only support. Because in the end the moral is always this: it is the present to be enjoyed at any time.

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