Siso: This philosophy from Finland will help you through difficult times!

Paloma Rak,

Difficult times have gone by everyone at once – Finnish “Sisu” life philosophy should help in overcoming it well. It all depends on the right mindset!


  1. That means “siso”
  2. Finally, siso helps you be happy
  3. This is how you successfully apply the SISO philosophy

Anyone who deals with Finland a little bit will quickly confront the Finnish sisu mentality. What does this philosophy of life really mean, and therefore you can use it for yourself.

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That means “siso”

It is not easy to translate the word siso into German because it is a Feeling is difficult to define Describes a specific situation in life. Like the Danish word “Hygge,” the word “Sisu” has meaning only in the original language.

If you wanna explain sisu, fall Terms like perseverance, determination, persistence, and courage.

Comes from the History of Finland: It describes it Resilience of a population to withstand extreme poverty and hardship This refers to the Cold War and the struggle for independence with Russia in the late 1940s

Finally, siso helps you be happy

Finland is famous for its people Especially happy here Be. This is not expressed in a lot of extravagant words but in verbs. Sisso has someone dare to go to the ice bath after a sauna despite the icy temperatures.

The people of Finland do not define happiness as an ideal life without resistance, but they understand that happiness also means To be satisfied in their lives despite the resistance.

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This is how you successfully apply the SISO philosophy

If you want to successfully integrate Sisu into your daily life, the main thing is to pursue your goals with determination – you have to be ready to beat your teeth sometimes. So we guarantee you to master each low hit and better overcome initial disappointments. Do this in small steps but they are all more specific:

In Short: With the help of Siso’s philosophy of life, you can lead a healthy, active life Do not give up even in difficult situations. Maintain a balance between physical and mental well-being. And don’t forget: even if you can show your stamina, you can, better still: you can still enjoy the things you do and then relax on a grand scale.

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