Netflix, “Vikings: Valhalla”: teaser, trama e cast

Coming soon to the Netflix streaming platform, the Vikings sub-series “Vikings: Valhalla” which will tell a story after the previous series that ran for nearly 100 years, will be coming soon. Let’s find out the plot and the actors together.

During the global event Netflix known as todom has been shown The first teaser trailer from “Vikings: Valhalla“, Role From the popular TV series Vikings Which will appear for the first time on the broadcast platform no later than 2022.

The series is produced by Netflix And it was created by Michael Hurst In cooperation with MGM TV con show Jeep Stewart. Vikings: Valhalla will tell a story A century after the previous series ended.

“Vikings: Valhalla”: Don’t throw

Vikings 2

The all-new Vikings: Valhalla begins in the early 11th century and chronicles the legendary adventures of some of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Ericsson, Fredis Ericsdotter, Harald Hardrada and Norman King William the Conqueror. These men and women will chart a course as they struggle to survive in an ever-changing and changing world.

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Vikings 3The main actors and actresses who will make up the cast of the Vikings spin-off are:

  • Laura Berlin such as Emma of Normandy, who historically ruled as Queen of England, Denmark, and Norway;
  • Sam Corlett Like Leif Eriksson, the famous explorer and son of the Vikings, Erik the Red. According to Viking epics, Leif Erikson sailed to North America five centuries before Christopher Columbus;
  • Frieda Gustafson as Freydis Eriksdotter, daughter of Eric the Red. After a sexual assault by Viking Christian, Fridays became the new leader of the Old Norse religion, which opposed the growth of Christian influence in his homeland;
  • Bradley Frigard In the role of King Canute, King of Denmark, historians have referred to him as “the most powerful king in Anglo-Saxon history”;
  • Caroline Henderson ni pani de jarl kakun;
  • Leo Sutter Like Harald Sigurdsson.
  • Johannes Hökör Johansson as Olaf “Holy” Haraldson, Harald Sigurdsson’s older half-brother;
  • Poliana Mackintosh as Olivgifu of Denmark, and historically the first wife of King Canute;
  • Asbjørn Krogh ni pane de garl curry;
  • David Oakes In the role of Count Godwin, one of the most powerful characters in England, thanks to King Canute.
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