Shoppers trying to purchase new PS5 glitches on Walmart and Best Buy sites

Walmart (WMT) Surprised that the PS5 is released online every three hours starting at noon on Thursday ET. But customers began to have problems with the retailer’s site almost immediately.

Twitter user Logan Wilson said around 12:30 p.m.: “Walmart froze trying to get a new ps5 while I carried it in my cart …

“If I had a ps5 in my car and then a Walmart crashed …. a pain,” RandfordT chirp Around 1 in the afternoon.

In a statement, Walmart said Thursday afternoon that it experienced a massive increase in traffic when the next-generation console was released, “causing some customers to slow intermittently for a few minutes.”

“We quickly realized the volume and are currently restocking the item for additional stock release throughout the day,” the statement said.

Walmart customers continued to run into issues around 3 PM when the company made its latest round of PS5 consoles available for purchase. 3:05, Twitter soccerbabs user chirp She was unable to access the Walmart website “without receiving an error message”.
Some Best buy (BBY) Shoppers ran into problems similar to Walmart’s.
“Best Buy I grabbed this PS5 straight from my cart,” theshiningsun chirp.
“Once again I had a PS5 in my cart at Best Buy and fap for the last second,” Added JDantastic around 10 am.

Best Buy acknowledged that some customers have not been able to purchase the PS5 on the company’s website.

“For customers who are still looking for a console, there will be more opportunities to order one on throughout the holiday season,” the company said in a written statement.

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Some Best Buy shoppers expressed gratitude for the sidewalk-side PS5 pickup.

“Shout to @ BestBuy to make console pickup operations fast, friendly and hassle-free!” Colteastwood tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Package insured, Added ashdog_, who also co-picked the new PS5 after receiving it.

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