Shooting of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Count Chocolat in Dave Chapelle Skit

Saturday Night Live Dave Chappelle was hosting it and using it to get things rolling with a skit from Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima and Count Chocolat. The comedy actually ended up having actor Dennis Heisbert in a meeting where a group of famous black characters were abandoned. By using audio correction software, like Autotune, they made Chappelle’s voice deeper than usual. Maya Rudolph played Aunt Jemima and Kenan Thompson was playing Uncle Ben. It was a strange sight, but most of the crap landed. Things reached a climax with Pete Davidson as the mascot of the grain. Each of them expressed concern about being fired due to what they considered weak reasons. In general, viewers are thrilled that Chappelle got the nod this week and was treated to an extended monologue on race in America filled with the same kind of trademark remarks about life in this country that made him famous.

There were a lot different circumstances the last time a comedian was hosted SNL. He told CBS about it a few years ago.

“It was more than money,” said Chappelle. “You know, I watched one of these nature shows once. They were talking about how a jungle man would find water when he’s scarce. They do what’s called a salt trap. I didn’t know this but it looks like the baboons loved the salt. So, they’ll put in a piece.” Of salt in a hole. They will wait for the baboon. The baboon comes and sticks his hand in the hole and catches the salt. The salt makes his hand bigger and he cannot get his hand out. “

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He continued, “If he’s smart, all he does is give up salt. The baboon doesn’t want to give up the salt. Then the bush comes and throws the baboon into the cage and gives him all the salt he wants. The monkey feels thirsty, and the bush lets him out of the cage and the first thing the baboon runs to.” It is water. The jungle man follows it and then drinks both. In this analogy, I felt like a baboon. I was smart enough to let go of the salt. “

The episode was so intense that no one had complained about Joe Biden’s impersonation of Jim Carrey. This had been a topic of ongoing discussion for a few weeks, but the Internet was much more merciful on Saturday night after the show was postponed to a prime-time college football match.

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