Ed Sheeran chose Italians Meduza to remix one of his songs

It’s a hundred kilometers per hour and shows no signs of stopping a race Jellyfish, the most successful Italian orchestra in the world, composed of Mattia Vitali, Simone Gianni and Luca Di Gregorio, able to unleash ballads of ballads on the coolest dance floor around the world.

And also Ed Sheeran He was shocked by the talent of the trio and he asked meduza to remix it bad habits.

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Another great Medusa record comes from abroad: heaven, a single with more than 750 million streams to its credit, a few days ago it was certified as gold records in the United States, becoming the third consecutive single for producers, after losing control NS a piece of your heartTo reach such a great achievement in the United States.

US gold ذهب heaven It thus joins the record already quadruple platinum in Ireland, double platinum in Slovakia and Switzerland, platinum in Italy, Australia, Brazil and South Africa and gold in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

But that’s not all: the world’s most famous Italian DJ has dropped another ace, announcing a collaboration with ninety international music tracks, Ed Sheeran. The world’s most listened-to songwriter has chosen Mattia, Simon and Luca to make the first remix bad habitsThe new song was released last June. Previewed on the DJ set sold last week at Echostage in Washington, DC, the remix is ​​also available on TIMMUSIC.

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Bad Habits – Meduza Remix It’s electronic with a very captivating sound. The beat is contagious and irresistible, perfect for hot summer nights when only one is necessary: ​​hit the dance floor to the beat of the best dance music. Ed Sheeran’s auditioned voice perfectly fits into the song’s mood, a hymn to lightness and freedom, and all those bad habits that seem to take over when the sun goes down.

Unstoppable success, like Mattia, Simon and Luca, was also recognized in the living dimension which they saw this year split between the new and the old continent.

After the DJ set on July 10 at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, the first stop of the European Tour which will see the Meduza Champions in the hot summer of 2021 in Greece (Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos August 8 and 15), Croatia (Barrakud Festival, Zrce, August 12) , the United Kingdom (El Row, London, August 21 and 22) and Italy (Riobo di Gallipoli, August 6 Il Muretto, Lido di Jesolo, August 28), all three traveled abroad, last Saturday recording another stunning sale in Washington D. C Ecostage, which is considered one of the hottest dance clubs in North America.

Another victory, which comes less than a month after a full house at the very famous Brooklyn Mirage in New York and a long string of successful dates in the United States, to which new dates have been added today: Friday, July 30 and they will play Medusa in the Hamptons, while they will be on fire on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday August 1 at the dance floor in Chicago and Las Vegas, respectively.

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