Sergiz from Akuma joins the new CS: GO team created by Dogecoin fans | CS: GO

Representatives of the Doge Soldiers esports club have announced the CS:GO roster. Former player joined the club Akuma Sergey Sergis Atamanchuk, And QweallAnd WonderfulAnd Sasuke And bagwho have never participated in high-level competitions. The team’s formation was announced on the organization’s Twitter page.

Atamanchuk was previously a suspect in the use of match cheating EPIC CIS League Spring 2021Akuma finished third with a win during the tournament born to win And virtus pro. Then the violation was not proven and the team continued to compete in CS: GO competitions. According to the results of the season, Akuma could not score enough rating points to continue PGL Major Stockholm 2021And then the configuration fell apart.

Doge Soldiers is an esports club created in 2021 by Dogecoin crypto enthusiasts based in Ukraine. The CS:GO roster became the organization’s first team.

Doge soldiers list:

  • Sergey Sergis Atamanchuk;
  • Vladislav Qweall Bifkin.
  • Demetro Wonderful horcocha.
  • иколай Sasuke Zhukov.
  • Artyom bag Glipkin.
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