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Hamburg – a closed corner of the sea devils! Daniel Brown is an excellent addition to passport defense on board the ship. The 23-year-old athlete has already demonstrated his skills at the University of Nevada in the Division I against well-known colleges and was also named the player of the year for his team in 2019. With 0.4 interceptions per game, he was among the top 15 in the entire United States. Now he is looking for a new challenge with the Hamburg Sea Devils.

“I want to be the best for myself and my teammates and prove that I deserve it and win the championship. I chose Hamburg’s Sea Devils because I wanted to take the opportunity to play in a new country and get out of my comfort zone. I loved what I saw last year,” explains Brown, adding, “Style of play.” And my discipline is often lacking. My feet are fast, and my cover is strong.”

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Defensive coordinator Kendral Ellison is also convinced of his power of play: “Daniel fits in with our defense and with what we plan as a whole. He is an outstanding athlete with a high football IQ. Then there are his proportions, his hand-eye coordination and the ability to identify his opponents. He would be a strong addition and I am pleased to welcome as part of that defense.”

So after Justin Rogers comes the next American import of the Hanseatic High School. Essential if, with the four additions from Dusseldorf, Tirol, Vienna and Istanbul, the Europa League is expanded to include a conference next year. In the north, Hamburg’s Sea Devils meet the Berlin Thunder, Leipzig Kings and Wroclaw’s Panthers as well as Istanbul, Barcelona and Düsseldorf at the Exchange Games. The goal is the championship match at the Wörthersee stadium in Klagenfurt on September 25, 2022.

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