Sebastian Vettel starts at Aston Martin – disaster threatening

Sebastian Vettel starts at Aston Martin – but disaster threatens

Sebastian Vettel: This is his career

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Finally the time had come. Since January 1 Sebastian Vettel Officially Aston Martin Driver. After six years of Ferrari misery, he wants to attack again at the top.

But entry Sebastian Vettel With the new Formula 1 staff, it won’t be more complicated and difficult. The four-time world champion is now at risk of a disastrous start to the new season.

Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari criticism and new training regulations

Starting again in mid-March: Then the 2021 World Cup will take place as usual in Melbourne, Australia. Until then, all drivers with a new team should get to know the environment, the crew, and the vehicle as best they can.


This is Sebastian Vettel:

  • Born July 3, 1987 in Heppenheim.
  • Vettel’s home kart track was Erftlandring. Michael Schumacher had already taken his first driving tests in motorsports there.
  • In 2007, Vettel jumped into Formula 1, initially competing for the BMW Sauber and Toro Rosso.
  • In 2009, he moved to Red Bull, where he celebrated four world titles in a row from 2010 to 2013.
  • In 2015 Vettel switched to Ferrari. With the Scuderia, however, he was denied a big blow.
  • In 2021, he then transferred to the new Aston Martin Team (formerly Racing Point)


The easiest way to test this is on the right track under real conditions, but that is precisely what lies at the heart of the matter for many, and especially for Vettel and Aston Martin. Heppenheimer got real criticism from his old employer Ferrari as a farewell gift.

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After the last race of the season, drivers who switch teams could have been allowed to test old cars from their new team before the New Year. But Scuderia refused to release Vettel, so he had to keep his feet steady since mid-December.

Vettel’s only chance to really get to know Aston Martin is during the winter tests in Barcelona in early March. However, another problem awaits there. The tests were cramped for three days, until eight days earlier they were common.


Formula 1 Teams 2021 *:

  • Mercedes: Bottas /?
  • Red Bull: Verstappen / Perez
  • Aston Martin: Vettel / Stroll
  • Ferrari: Leclerc / Sainz
  • McLaren: Norris / Ricardo
  • Alpine: Alonso / Oxon
  • Williams: Latif / Russell
  • Alfa Romeo: Giovinazzi / Raikkonen
  • Haas: Schumacher / Mazpin
  • Alpha Touré: Gazelle

Standing: January 4, 2021


Since each team is only allowed one car for both drivers, Vettel has only a day and a half to test it before the first points of the new season appear a few weeks later.

In theory, he would still have the free training sessions before the Australian Grand Prix – but there will be more discounts here, too. So Vettel’s time to get to know his car is more than short.

The only way out: simulation

It would be two and a half months before the Heppenheimer returned with four tires and a speed of over 300 km / h. Until then, he and drivers like Daniel Ricciardo (for McLaren) or Carlos Sainz (Vettel’s legacy at Ferrari) have only the simulators to prepare.

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An alternative not popular with many drivers because you “don’t know the characteristics of the car and the steering wheel,” as Sainz has already explained. Without a proper testing time, Vettel threatens Melbourne with disaster and possibly another unsatisfactory year – despite the new team. (M)

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