Scott Stubb from Creed to portray Frank Sinatra in a new movie about Ronald Reagan

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When you think of Frank SinatraYou might not imagine Scott Stubb, Former lead singer of Dogma. But for those who make their first impression on Sinatra from next year Reagan (Ronald Reagan Autobiography Starring Dennis Quaid) This is what they get.

Stapp will play the legendary singer (as I mentioned it first before painting And the yarn (Can confirm) in the upcoming film directed by Sean McNamara. The cast also includes talented Penelope Ann Miller, Kevin Dillon (known as everyone’s favorite handsome brother in footnote), And the longtime actor-turned-Trump supporter, John Voight. It’s a strange cast, but maybe that’s exactly what the doctor ordered to start Stubb’s acting career. Either way, the experienced frontline captain is excited to portray such a legendary artist on the big screen.

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“Sinatra in performance mode was an exercise in self-control,” Stubb said. painting The current situation. “He had this steel and elegant bravado and his sheer presence ruled the room. I was excited to join the cast and was amazed by the constant attention to detail, style and production in general.”

It can take a Stapp acting cut Reagan Top? Will he be welcomed by Hollywood with open arms? Only time will tell.

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