Scandal at one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States: Two professors fired for racist comments on Zoom

Two professors of law at Georgetown University, The United States, then launched The video in which they made racist comments will go viral On the performance of African American students.

In the middle of a call on Zoom, Sarah Sellers and David Baston, Academics from the Foundation, commented Some black students performed poorly To other students

“I hate to say this, I end up with this pain every semester because many of my shorter black students are blacks. ” The teacher said. He told his classmate, “It happens almost every semester and it’s like ‘Come on’.

David Baston just nodded, While the sellers were quick to continue. “I have some really good things, however Usually there are also some people in the background and that drives me crazy.So I feel bad. “

Pictures spread on social networks, where The video garnered millions of views and comments that deny the position of both teachers.

The Georgetown University Black Law Students Association (BLSA), with support from students and allies, issued a statement in it They condemned Professor Sarah Sellers’ position. They also stressed that the teacher He was referring to the only black student he had in the class, Which has been placed at the bottom of the degree curve.

The students criticized the teacher for not condemning their partner’s words. (Photo: Twitter / @ hahmad1996)

“These racist statements reveal Not only do Sellers’ beliefs about black students in his classes, but also how his racist ideas have been translated into racist actions. ”They wrote before claiming that teacher biases had historically affected black student grades.

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the students He demanded Sellers’ dismissal, a public apology from David Baston For not being guilty of his partner’s statements Critical review of past teacher evaluations African American students.

Dean Bell Trainor announced in a statement that, Although both teachers had the opportunity to give additional context about what happened, however “I have informed Professor Sellers that I will end her relationship with the Georgetown Act with immediate effect,” pointed out.

I add that Baston is on administrative leave Whereas, the Corporate Office for Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action determined their status. However, a spokesman for Georgetown University said WTOP From David Baston He submitted his resignation and accepted it by the Dean.

The university confirmed this Take important steps to ensure students have fair grades in high school classes. Baston sellers without their participation. In social networks, they also accused teachers Make anti-Islam and sexist comments during the classes

The teacher was fired after arguing over her comments (Photo: Twitter / @ hahmad1996)
The teacher was fired after arguing over her comments (Photo: Twitter / @ hahmad1996)

University students complained about the inaction of the authorities at first, who only initially issued a statement describing the professors’ position as obnoxious. It took public protests and a petition to initiate an ‘investigation’ into something everyone can see in a video of less than a minute long.A student confirmed on Twitter.

at Resignation letter he got it Fox NewsAnd the Sellers expressed regret for his “hurtful and misleading” comments towards students. Although the video for this incident is an excerpt from Longer discussion of participation patterns in class, And not about overall grades, It does not diminish the cruelty you have shownHe continued.

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He asserted that his intention was not to intentionally harm the students or the university by saying these things. “I hope I can pull my word”, He said.

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