Save the manifest in the name of Lucifer? Netflix option after cancellation

campaign for to save Shows From the sudden cancellation by NBC After the third season, he may have found a crucial ally. The Jeff Rake-created drama, which had a six-season plan to show, could find a new home where it’s already popular, on Netflix.

in an unprecedented way Netflix can save files Shows Entering production and renewing it for a fourth season. It is not a usual practice but it has already worked in other cases in the past and the second Limit There are ongoing talks between the main production company of Showsand Warner Bros. TV and streaming device giant that already hosts the first two seasons in the catalog.

to save Shows It could become an attractive target for Netflix, which according to Limit Will be “Feasibility and cost assessmentfrom this process. Something similar to what was done to him The devil, which was reborn into a new life and became a hit as the original Netflix format after its cancellation by Fox At the end of the third season. Another symbolic case is the Spanish phenomenon paper houseEven if there’s no real cancellation: Alex Pina’s series about red-clad thieves ended with one season on Antena3, and then Netflix aired it in two different parts. The response was so loud that the platform decided on it Reopen closed end To produce three more seasons, the last of which comes in two parts between September and December 2021.

An encouraging sign for the masses who request memorization Shows and for Actors who immediately joined the #SaveManifest campaign on social media: Netflix can already be proud of successful precedents, and above all it can count on the positive reception received by the first two seasons of the drama, which debuted last Thursday in the US catalog, quickly climbed into the top 10 of the favorites and reached the first place among the most watched.

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Everything is in favor of trying to save ShowsTherefore, unless the numerous cuts due to the Covid pandemic last year, with many chains cancelled, it is impossible to invest in the project.

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