Young firefighters can finally go to school

Rushaw – Great day for young firefighters. “Now the training can begin,” Hannes Ruhlmann, a member of the Firefighters Support Association, said happily. A special ceremony was held on Sunday, June 20 under the sponsors’ banner. Thanks to the dilution of the aura, now finally. After all, the training room for children and youth of the Rushaw Volunteer Fire Brigade has long been completed. “However, due to hygiene and protection regulations, it cannot be used yet”; Ruhlmann explains.

The idea of ​​looking for a new space arose about two years ago because the former temporary facility in the tool shed simply seemed too small and unsuitable for children and young adults. The local community was finally able to provide a suitable room for the young firefighters in the village’s community center for free.

With the help of various sponsors and donors, the walls were painted on their own initiative, high-quality furniture and technology were purchased; Even a small tea kitchen will soon be set up.

“We are very grateful for this help and support from all parties as well as for the trust we have in us,” says Ronnie Michael Worm, Events Supervisor. So that Florian’s pupils feel at home in a bright room, the pictures they painted on the theme of the “fire brigade” are hung on the walls. “After all, it’s your room, and you should be able to identify with it,” says Hans Röhlmann, not hiding the fact that he’s proud of the work he’s doing with the next generation. After all, the Rushaw Children’s Brigade currently has ten members, and the Youth Brigade has 15 candidates for the fire brigade.

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In addition to the greetings of Deputy Defense Chief Heiko Bakibusch, Youth Superintendent Ronnie Michael Worm, Mayor Renee Chernikau and Mayor Dirk Zeidler, the unveiling of a sign on the building was another highlight. “We would have liked to celebrate this festive delivery a little more, but unfortunately that hasn’t been possible yet. This pandemic is making life more difficult and unsafe in many areas,” says Ronnie Michael Worm. Old Rushaw emergency guarantor from 1961 attracted the attention of many interested parties, especially the younger generation took a closer look at the old technology.

As the next project, the association plans to operate in the Häsewiger tool shed, and the firefighting technology there will be converted to operating a car trailer.

Kinderwart Karsten Meyer, Youth Supervisor Ronnie Michael Worm and Deputy Chief of Defense Heiko Bakibusch (from left) with a tribute gift and key to the new Rushaw training room.

Photo: Stefan Metzker

Elements of the Rushaw youth standing in front of the old guarantor.  A special treasure from 1961. Young Sheriff's Right Ronnie Michael Worm.
Elements of the Rushaw youth standing in front of the old guarantor. A special treasure from 1961. Young Sheriff’s Right Ronnie Michael Worm.

Photo: Stefan Metzker

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