Saudi Absher platform says return visas cannot be renewed after two months

Riyadh: ( 26.11.2021) The Absher platform said that visas to return to the judiciary from Saudi Arabia can only be renewed after two months. Re-entry must be renewed 60 days before the period ends with payment of the fee. The residency must also contain the required duration. The announcement was made on Twitter through the Absher platform of the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

Return visas allow people living in Saudi Arabia on business or dependent visas to leave the country. Expats in Saudi Arabia usually need to obtain a fixed-term return visa to return home. Expatriates must return to Saudi Arabia before the re-entry period expires. The sponsor can renew the validity of these visas if the residence document has a validity period and the validity of the return visa does not exceed two months.

The return visa can be extended for one month by contacting the Saudi Consulate or Embassy in the respective country with a letter from the sponsors of those who do not return during the return visa period. However, the Ministry of Interior’s Absher platform revealed that return visas after 60 days of the expiration date cannot be extended online.

Sponsors from Saudi Arabia can renew their employment electronically while the worker is abroad. Officials said the re-entry period can only be extended electronically if the worker is outside the country. Those wishing to extend the re-entry period must pay the fee first. After paying the fees, the re-entry period must be extended through the Absher platform. The residence holder must be abroad. The residency must be valid and the re-entry period must not exceed two months.

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