Sandstorm covers a city in Australia and spreads viral (video)

Electrical phenomena in the north Queensland, Australia, caused a sandstorm “disappear” For a few moments to the city Apulia. The dust mass hit the area, whereupon the residents who Share the event on social networks.

According to local authorities, the phenomenon appeared Winds blowing up to 109 kilometers per hour. They also confirmed that this type of phenomenon is “common”However, they have expressed that when they pass they are small.

meteorologist Helen Kirkop, from the Bureau of Meteorology, explained that electric storms Vents emit cold air being several past Sunday 19 December All exits worked at the same time, causing a cloud of dust.

Societies Mount Isa, Djara s Orandangi They were affected too, which is why a local resident mentioned that it had to do with “the biggest” Since living in the state.

the Australia Summer 2021-2022, Which started on December 21, is expected to be drier than usual, so this, according to local media, It wouldn’t be the last sandstorm this big.


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