Haiti / USA. A group of Haitian immigrants are suing the United States for mistreatment at the Texas border

Madrid, 22 (European Press)

A group of Haitian immigrants is suing the administration of US President Joe Biden for mistreatment of immigrants, especially those who settled in Camp Del Rio, Texas, where he filmed border guards on horseback trapping them. with lasso.

Up to 15,000 asylum-seeking immigrants, mostly of Haitian origin, have gathered under a bridge in a Texas town on the US-Mexico border. According to the authorities, about 8,000 people decided to voluntarily return to the neighboring country, while the Department of Homeland Security processed 5,000 others to consider possible deportation.

In this context, there have been images of Border Patrol agents chasing immigrants entering the United States on horseback, and even some other images in which these officials are seen grabbing them with tape.

The White House has already rejected these photos. President Biden even called them an “embarrassment” for the country and announced that there would be consequences. With the same conditions, announced the Department of Homeland Security, which temporarily suspended the use of horses by border guards.

Thus, Monday’s lawsuit by Haitian immigrants gathers first-hand testimony from citizens who have settled in Camp Del Rio, some of whom have reported that they were “horrified” by the “way” of US border officers. CNN series.

The lawsuit, filed in District Court of Columbia, includes as many as eleven accounts of Haitian asylum seekers who fled the scene or were expelled under the pretext of a government order known as Title 42, approved by former President Donald Trump, that allows for the expulsion of immigrants.

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The complaint also criticizes the fact that US authorities “have not taken any steps to plan for the arrival of these asylum seekers,” despite the presence of “warnings”.

Biden’s criticism of his administration joined at the time with the apology of the US delegation in Haiti, which lamented the treatment given to immigrants from that country.

Juan Gonzalez, senior director of the US National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, said during a visit to the country.

The immigration crisis even led to the resignation of the then-US special envoy for Haiti, Daniel Foot, who resigned, arguing that he did not want to get involved in the “inhumane and counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees”.

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