Samsung is the SmartTag localization brand. Take a look at the first pictures

Samsung last year during the unveiling of the series Galaxy Note 20 It also introduced the new SmartThings Find service used to search for various electronic devices – phones, tablets, watches, and headphones. Soon, this service can be used to search for other items, thanks to the upcoming site tag.

Galaxy SmartTag: Samsung is a Smart Localization Pendant

Its existence was already revealed last year by an Indonesian accreditation agency, whose database registered a device codenamed EI-T5300 and dubbed Galaxy SmartTag. If it is indeed a pendant, then UWB (Ultra Wideband) wireless technology can be assumed. Thus, any device near the necklace can “report” its location when searching for it. The necklace can be much simpler than the 2-year-old Samsung Smartthings Tracker, which has LTE connectivity and should be recharged every week.

Smart Tracker
Illustrative image

It is no secret that your resettlement Apple is also preparing for the necklace. The AirTag was expected to be released last year, but it was eventually pushed back to 2021. If Samsung introduces its SmartTag at the expected Unpacked event in January, it may overtake the Cupertino company.

The first photos that have emerged today also confirm the fact that the performance of the necklace is irresistibly close @SlashLeaks on Twitter. The size of the device should be approximately 41 x 41 mm.

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